Bentonville Gay-Straight Alliance


At the University of Pittsburgh, a new policy states that all students and staff must use the school bathroom matching the gender on their birth certificate, a truly low blow to the school’s transgender community.

City officials in Pittsburgh have articulated their disdain for the new policy, calling it “very concerning.” In Pennsylvania, trans* people cannot have their birth certificate changed unless and until they have gender reassignment surgery, which not every trans* person can or wants to do, and even then not everyone can change their birth certificate.

Perhaps most telling is this comment on the Pitt News story from commenter Nate:

I am a transman that passes as Male 100% of the time. HRT has adorned me with a full beard. If I walk into the female restroom I fully expect women to have an adverse reaction. I do not plan on showing them my genitals or carry around my birth certificate to resolve such a situation. I appear male (an in fact I am) and PITT’s policy puts the entire student population at risk for some very uncomfortable interactions. This arcane rule must be changed.

This is truly messed up. I really hope students take offense to this and demand change.